A Day in the shoes of a Flexible Worker

There is no doubt that work is now something you do, not somewhere you go and for this reason many are taking the opportunity to work outside of the office. This is a day in the life of a flexible worker.

Insights into Your Digital Transformation

Some interesting facts on the digital transformation wave, and how everyone out there is dealing with it.

Elevating your internal communications

Watch the webcast and find out how to get your digital message across effectively .

How up to date is your company?

Overview of the Asia-Pacific Collaboration Services Market and check list to finding the most ideal service provider.

Leading Provider of UC Services talks about The Digital Workplace

Arkadin’s approach to client relations, their collaborations business and the future to come.

Arkadin shares great news !

McLaren-Honda and NTT Communications Corporation has today announced the start of a three-year technology partnership.

[ Frost & Sullivan ] How To Win

Serge Genetet talks about the Frost and Sullivan Award, and how Arkadin will work to stay on top.

Evolution : The big 3

Evolution is about improvements developed overtime to meet the ever changing environments. Today, environments is not just about the climate, or the physical space we are living in; environment now includes...

5 Beautiful Benefits of Giving Employees a Voice

Valuing what employees have to say can create a more powerful, productive workplace. By giving people a voice, you’re giving them an opportunity to share their ideas with you ...

Riding The Waves

Technological advancement alongside with the many operational factors that helps make a business more competitive, is the force that is rousing the upcoming wave of an “online ....

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