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Key to winning the push for change

The business environment is constantly evolving and we have to remain agile to adapt to the changes. As with any new initiative, the big hurdle is about convincing “the boss”.

THE BOSS can come in any ‘shape, form and sizes’. They could be an entire department, the paymaster him or herself, or even a colleague who holds the final nod to a go ahead. Regardless of who they are, we must recognize that the existence of a resistance to change often spurs a from a risk aversion calculation. So how can you ensure that you are hitting the right points that would win them over?

So here are pointers to consider while preparing a pitch to the boss. Continue reading “Key to winning the push for change”

A Day in the Life of a Flexible Worker


Flexible working, remote working, working from home, WFH – whatever moniker it is given there is no doubt that work is now something you do, not somewhere you go and for this reason many are taking the opportunity to work outside of the office.

However, for those employers that have not yet taken the plunge and moved their work out of the office Continue reading “A Day in the Life of a Flexible Worker”

It’s Not Just Millennials – Meeting Demands For Flexible Working


A blog explaining the benefits flexible working can bring to your entire workforce – not just those born since 1980.

Generation X arrived, and it hasn’t gone anywhere. Their offspring, the Millennials, are no longer kids. And Gen-Z is already joining the workforce. (By all accounts they’re even more unique than the Millennials.)

But while it’s okay to think about how various birth cohorts approach their work, don’t forget there are plenty of people in your workplace Continue reading “It’s Not Just Millennials – Meeting Demands For Flexible Working”

How is Your Data Shared? 10 Surprising Stats

These 10 shocking stats reveal the danger shadow I.T poses to your data security. Stats that you can’t afford to ignore when you consider that 88% of cloud applications aren’t enterprise-ready and 84% of UK CIOs fear they are losing control of I.T.

10 statistics that reveal the risks to security when Shadow I.T is used for data sharing, on a scale that I.T leaders are only just beginning to grasp. Continue reading “How is Your Data Shared? 10 Surprising Stats”

Top 7 Tools to Supercharge Your Team Based Collaboration

An infographic listing 7 useful tools for teamwork and collaboration.


Let’s get everyone round the table. Or not. There are countless ways to communicate and collaborate in today’s workplace. And while video conferencing, telepresence, whiteboarding and so on are brilliant, they’re not the whole story of effective teamwork.That story involves a wide range of tools that encourage  communication, collaboration and innovation. We take a look at these top seven tools that really add an extra something to your team and your day. Continue reading “Top 7 Tools to Supercharge Your Team Based Collaboration”

The Collaborative Economy is on the rise – Take advantage

The Collaborative Economy – moving from community practice to a successful business model


What is the Collaborative Economy?

The Collaborative Economy or the Sharing Economy, is a term to describe economic and social activity involving online transactions. The Collaborative Economy is driving hybrid market models that are largely peer-to-peer exchange based, facilitated by community-based online services such as marketplaces. Continue reading “The Collaborative Economy is on the rise – Take advantage”

How and why you need to get your digital transformation started with online collaborations.

Continue reading “Insights into Your Digital Transformation”

Elevating your internal communications


In most organisation, whenever it is required for a C-Level executive to get a message across using live video streaming, it is something that sends most teams into a nervous mess. Network Managers, IT, Internal Communications teams, Corporate Communications (just to name a few) would have to pull their hairs out trying to make sure it all happens without a single malfunction.
Continue reading “Elevating your internal communications”

Collaboration Trends – How up to date is your company?

CaptureOverview of the Asia-Pacic Collaboration Services Market

  • Increased demands from collaboration services and
    how they are consumed due to the rise in employee mobility
  • Increased interaction and content sharing within the enterprise landscape
  • With the existing multi-vendor communications environment, concerns of interoperability remains key to the growth of adoption. > Read more

Continue reading “Collaboration Trends – How up to date is your company?”

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